Hans Béchard-Dupuis

"Sketching allows me to create characters and cities so that I can generate new ambiances and atmospheres from one painting to the next. I like to think about my subjects before painting and once I start, I lose myself in the process without really focussing on the end result. My paintings are done impulsively, in one stroke." – Hans
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I already started drawing at the age of 6 years old. A few years later, I entered an art gallery for the first time, which made me fall in love with painting. Following this visit, I called one of the artists represented by the gallery (Judy Csukly) to have private art lessons. She accepted and it is with her that I learned different techniques. Subsequently, the of Michel T. Desroches, André Coppens and Gabrielle Dumont made me evolve in my art. I kept painting until I found my own style that would define my signature.

Artist’s statement

To begin with, I was strongly inspired by the German artistic movement “Die Brücke” by the colors, the expressions of the characters as well as the perspective of the buildings.

I execute sketches to develop my characters and cities to create new moods and atmospheres from one canvas to another. I think about my subjects before producing the work and when I produce my paintings, I start without really thinking about the results. They are executed impulsively, all at once.

I consider my work as cubist and at the same time expressionist for the gesture. The titles and subjects are representative of everyday life so that people can grasp the essence of the canvas. The other more metaphorical titles are created to allow a reflection of the production.

The faces of my characters are always designed by lines to give them a mysterious side because each individual must be unique. My city landscapes are sometimes inspired by real places, but I like the public to interpret the characters, the places, that people make connections with their travel experiences or even coveted destinations. I am very sensitive to the arrangement of colors because I want everyone watching to have a colorful experience. I always push my limits to improve myself and reach a larger pool of people interested in art.


Born February 8, 2004
Originally from the City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Classes :

2015-2017 :Private art classes with artist Judy Csukly

Workshops :

  • Michel T. Desroches, at the Galerie du Vieux St-Jean
  • André Coppens, at the Galerie du Vieux St-Jean
  • Gabrielle Dumont, at the Galerie du Vieux St-Jean

Solo Exhibitions :

2021Represented by the Galerie du Vieux Saint-Jean
2020Solo exibition at the Carte Blanche gallery, Montréal
2019, 2020Represented by the Carte Blanche gallery, Montreal
2019Solo exibition at the Carte Blanche gallery, Montréal
2016, 2017Consignment at l’Atelier Picasso, St-Lambert
2016, 2017Consignment at the artist gallery, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
2015Exibition at the Club des Lions de Brossard

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