Clarence Bourgoin

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« My passion, it’s painting.  You can’t disguise yourself as an artist: you are, or you are not.  When I paint, I lose myself completely, and I forget all the day-to-day worries and problems.  Once my color is applied, I never go back to it.  I work my lights and my shadows so that they will be in perfect balance with one another and the ambiance, and in harmony with the colors. »

– Clarence Bourgoin

Clarence Bourgoin – Biography

Canadian painter, Clarence Bourgoin was born in 1946 in Saint-Leonard, New Brunswick.  He lived in the province of Quebec for 30 years where he earned, in part, his living as a guitar player in addition to creating his paintings, to eventually come back to his native New Brunswick with his family.

When he was a little boy, Clarence loved drawing, and would doodle pretty much everywhere he could: in his catechism workbook or on his mother’s table clothes.  One day, he saw advertised the workshop of a painter that impressed him: Claude Picard, Painter.  Sitting on the porch of his childhood home, balancing his seven-year-old skinny legs, he was considering what he saw when declared that this was what he was going to be in life: a painter.  “I knew it, I felt it in the most profound recesses of my small being,” he says, recalling this moment of revelation.  “They say there’s only one such moment in life.  Well, this was it for me.”  Claude Picard was to become one of the painters whose work he admired the most in his life, much more than anything he came to discover in Europe.

At 16, Clarence Bourgoin sells his first painting for $50.00 to a family living in Saint-Leonard, a painting that would be evaluated at $4,500.00 today.

After one of his numerous anecdotes, he is nicknamed “Landscape Hunter.”  He is a figurative landscape painter part of the artistic movement of expressionists.  His venerable career counts as many participations to symposiums of figurative art in Quebec as there are at an international scale, not to mention prizes and honors, as well as group and solo exhibitions in many international and national art galleries.

To develop art and culture in his native village of Saint-Leonard, in 2004Clarence establishes a new symposium that he calls the Rendez-vous des Artistes.  This symposium has become the biggest gathering of painters and sculptors of Eastern Canada, and Clarence is still active within its ranks as an artist, president and founder.  Furthermore, he has been president of honor to more than 30 symposiums around the province of Quebec.

Clarence Bourgoin is listed at the Fine Art Museum since 1987.  In 2005, an article is written on his work as an artist in the International Artist Magazine, titled Master Painters of the World Canada Showcase 2005.  He received a prize for his body of work from the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris, while exhibiting at the Carousel of the Louvre in 2007.  These are only a few of the many artistic accomplishments of his long career.

Although he mostly works in Eastern Canada, his body of work can be found throughout Canada, the United States and in Europe.  Many articles and illustrations of his work are published nationally and internationally.

Clarence Bourgoin

The Landscape Hunter, that’s how he is known.  Member of the Figurative Art Institute, Mr. Bourgoin has traced quite the roadmap.  A painter for 60 years and listed at the Fine Art Museum of Canada, he has exhibited both nationally and internationally.


Artist’s Statement

As he was going to the Museum of Edmonston, New-Brunswick, for a solo exhibition, Clarence Bourgoin notices that the hunting season is well alive, as it is mentioned everywhere in the city.  At the Museum, he is asked if he has a title for his exhibition.  Taken aback, Mr. Bourgoin says that he doesn’t hunt per se.  Rather, he hunts landscapes. Thus the exhibit was titled « The Landscape Hunter, » and that’s how he’s been referred to ever since the local media published his very successful exhibition.

Clarence Bourgoin is always looking for his next painting, while travelling the roads of his native New Brunswick, and Quebec.  He observes everything around him, to a point where he could become dangerous while driving, as he might suddenly stop at the sight of a landscape that inspires him enough to sketch it.  « When I see a magnificent scene, » he says, « I hit the brakes and I stop to paint. »

His paintings illustrate landscapes from different regions of Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Iles-de-la-Madeleine.  For a long time, he painted scenes from the region of Charlevoix, where he says he put aside the rules of landscape painting, because the light of this region contradicts every concept of landscape painting such as atmospheric perspective: when a cloud passes by and blocks the sun on the foreground, that mountain on the horizon, which is supposed to be almost non existent, suddenly becomes alive.  It’s there, all black, more imposing than what it should be.

Clarence Bourgoin painted portraits for a long time, and then he switched to still life painting, but it was landscape painting that always attracted him.  He would often paint outdoors, in nature, and it became only natural to paint what he was seeing, this magnificent nature.  He never regretted that choice, and he always finds his muse in nature, even after 60 years of career.  « I don’t forget the principles of painting still lives: in nature, what was the neck of a bottle becomes the bell tower of the church, and thus, the composition of a landscape is very much the same as that of a still life. »

The paintings of Mr. Bougoin have a unique style, which can be classified as expressionist, and he doesn’t try to copy a landscape, but to give it a soul with a brush stroke that is unique to him.  His artwork has character, a bit in the image of the artist who relishes life, colors, and his outspokenness.  He is viewed as an artist, and not simply a painter.

« There can be thousands of people who will reproduce or copy what they see, and they make very nice paintings.  For me, to get to a site, install my painting material and feel the surrounding atmosphere, the cold as well as the heat that permeate me, and sketch if my time is limited, I love it.  Back in my studio with my drawings, or paintings, I reinvent these magnificent landscapes modifying them as my creativity dictates; the idea is to make them better, more beautiful, than they were before. »

For Clarence, it’s important to always aim further, to keep alive as an artist.  Every painting that he makes, he paints it so that it’s more beautiful than the one before.

« My passion, it’s painting.  You can’t disguise yourself as an artist: you are, or you are not.  When I paint, I lose myself completely, and I forget all the day-to-day worries and problems.  Once my color is applied, I never go back to it.  I work my lights and my shadows so that they will be in perfect balance with one another and the ambiance, and in harmony with the colors. »



1990 – 1993        Mission Renaissance, Montréal

                            Line Drawing, Light and Shadows




Honours, Prizes and Mentions (selected)

2019                   Academician Officer and Amabassador of the Arts of New Brunswick, Mondial Art Academia of Paris

2018                   Inauguration of Clarence Bourgoin Parc, with bronze monument of Clarence Bourgoin

2016                   Master in Fine Art – AIBAQ

2016                   Advocate For The Arts, Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation

2014                   Member Emeritus – IAF

2009                   Diploma of LIPIR’RÉVÉ di LINCINT Brotherhood

2009                   Certificate granted by the College of Mayors and Aldermen of Lincent-Racour-Pellaine, Province of                                 Liège, Belgique

2009                   Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of Hévis, Hongrie

2007                   Inducted Member of the St-Christophe Guild, Lincent, Belgique

2002                   First Mention, Rencontre des Arts


Galleries and Representation (selected)

2018                   Galerie du Vieux St-Jean

2015                   Galerie d’art Meraki, Paquetville, NB

2013                   Galerie Hang’Arts, Jonquière, QC

2009 to 2013     Galerie Hervey Lessard, Tadoussac, QC

2009 to 2010     Galerie Pépin d’art, Laval, QC

2010 to 2011     West End Gallery, Edmunton, AB and Victoria, BC

2010                   Galerie d’art Christian Trudel, Joliette, QC

2007 to 2008     Galerie Mosaïque, Dieppe, NB

2007                   Galerie d’art les imagies, Sutton, QC

2004 to 2009     Galerie du nouveau monde, Montreal, QC

2001 to 2006     Seacoast Gallery, St-Andrews, NB


Galleries and Representation (selected) – cont’d

2005 to 2006     Galerie d’art Suzanne Robert, Mont-Tremblant, QC

2002 to 2004     Light House Gallery, Moncton, NB

2002 to 2003     Kensington Fine Art, Calgary, AB


 Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2015                   Le Capitol Theatre of Moncton

2009 et 2013     Historical Museum of Madawaska, Edmunston, New-    Brunswick

2007                   Hotel Delta Beauséjour, Moncton, New Brunswick

1999                   Regional Museum of Vaudreuil-Soulanges

1991                   Museum of Restigouche, National Centre of Exhibition, Campbellton


International Exhibitions (selected)

2006 to 2010     International Symposium of Racour, Belgique – André Coppens

2009                   Héviz Budapest, Art Harris, Hongrie

2007                   Carrousel du Louvre, Parie, France

1996                   Conservatory Aristide Bruant, Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France


Group Exhibitions (selected)

2003 to 2019     Rendez-vous des artistes, Saint-Léonard, Nouveau-Brunswick

2010 to 2019     Symposium of the Arts of Drummondville

1998 to 2015     Symposium of Villages en Couleurs, L’Anse-Saint-Jean

2005 to 2015     Symposium Home of the Great Painters of Chesterville

2003 to 2013     Symposium of the Arts of Danville

2003 to 2006     Art Work Marketing Agency of New-Brunswick (permanent exhibit)

2000, 2004,        Symposium of Baie-Comeau

2008, 2013

2011                   Hotel Hilton Bonaventure, Montreal

2006 to 2010     Symposium of Sept-Îles

2007                   Baie-St-Paul: 10 provinces, 10 artists, 10 days (traveling exhibition)

1994 to 2013     Rencontre des arts, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

2006                   Symposium of Îles-de-la-Madeleine

2003, 2006         Symposium of Quebec Carnival

2004 to 2006     La fête aux jardins, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec

2000 to 2002     Symposium of the Master, Beauport

2000                   National Salon of Quebec Art Galleries

2000                   Symposium of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu

1996 to 1998     Baie en Art, Valleyfield, Quebec

1994                   Baldwin Cartier Foundation, Pointe-Claire


 Collections (selected)

Auberge Harris, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

La Capitale, General Insurance, Quebec, QC

The Honourable Bernard Landry, ex-First Minister of Quebec

The Honourable David Cliché, Minister of Tourism, Quebec

Denis Lapointe, Mayor of Valleyfield, QC

Savoie Group, St-Quentin, NB

Molson O’Keefe Brewery, Montreal, QC

Energy of New Brunswick

The Honourable Frank McKenna, First Minister of New Brunswick

Lotto Quebec, Quebec


Interviews and Publications

2014                   L’Acadie des Terres et Forêts, Acadian World Congress

2005                   Master Painter of the World (Canada Showcase) – International Artist Magazine

1995 to 2000     Guide de Roussan – Painters of Québec

1998 to 2006     Magazin’Art, Biennial Directory of Canadian Artists

1999                   Magazine Art Business News

1990                   International Sales Book – Mayers

1990                   Auction prices of American Artists



Figurative Art Institute

Acadian Association of Professional Artists of New Brunswick

Member of the International Academy of Fine Art of Quebec

Mondial Art Academia of Paris