Eder Olguin

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I think that being free to choose any subject or research topic is the fundamental value of any art form. At the same time, the idea of ​​creating works that have a component of absurdity and humor attracts me.


Eder (1989. Puebla, Mexico) is an emerging artist who uses painting as his main expressive language. His cultural background has been built from experiences gained in various international contexts, which enrich the multicultural vision of his work. These include different periods of growth, both personal and artistic, in countries such as Japan, Spain and Italy. In 2017 he obtained the Academic Diploma in Painting at Naples’ Fine Art Academy in Italy, institution in which, in addition to developing his personal work, he participated in various cultural initiatives promoted by both the public and private sectors. From the same year he began studying to obtain a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Arts of Sorbonne University in Paris, city where he currently lives and works.

His work is built from the plurality of his experiences and makes eco of a variety of inspiration sources ranging from the Italian school of painting to contemporary art, passing through some of the historical avant-garde movements. In his painting it is possible to see an integrative approach of these elements, whose goal is to create visual mechanisms that link together the pictorial gesture and a mnemonic imagery in constant renewal. Its intent is to reflect on the representative possibilities of memory, stripped from any anecdotal or narrative quality.

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