Gabrielle Dumont

After obtaining my college degree in fine arts from the Cégep de Sainte-Foy (Québec City), I decided to continue my journey of self-taught. Painting has always been a way to express the emotions I felt. For me, creation is a natural process that occurs with improvisation and without constraints. Working freely in my workshop has imposed itself since I started as a privileged place where I can exist totally and especially where I can impose myself a true work discipline as an artist.

The centre of my world is always the human beings who come to life and surprise me in the sound of brushes strokes on the canvas. Invariably human beings forms arise. Surely because human beings fascinate me and touch me with their intensity, complexity, fragility and strength. These invisible things that creates these beings in silence, their subtle states of soul, this is what concerns me and live in my imagination. And that’s what I try to transpose on the canvas.

I feel no judgment when I paint but a powerful and genuine feeling. I think my painting expresses a form of meditation or a kind of appeal that invites the viewer to get lost in the painting and find a meaning of its own. Peoples say that my characters are serene. It is not uncommon for people who have acquired my works to tell me they constantly discovering new elements the more they observe the painting. Or to find that there is wind in my paintings, like the outline of a movement that brings the mind to settle and rest.

I think my way of applying the color, to shape it, playing with reliefs, digging the material to the canvas or by overlaying layers upon layers, reveals a dominant features that enhance or give depth to the original forms. The addition of gold leaf is not only decorative but an illumination of the subject, a way to create attractive areas that strengthen the blurring aspect of my textures.

For me, painting is an inner dialogue. And what always surprises me when I meet people, is the intensity and the sensitivity with which they receive what I have tried to express. I think there find a form of appeasement and contemplation. Beyond a certain aesthetic quest, when I see my painting touch them in their heart, my artistic approach makes sense.