Jessie Bélisle

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«That moment of grace. Where you let yourself float on your back. Where the simple fact of being alive makes you want to cry with joy. That precise moment when you fall on your knees and nothing else matters. During the transformation, these little magic moments are more and more present, and take us by surprise. We realize that every morning the sun is a gift. The moment of grace is falling in love with yourself, but it is also the unique vibration that occurs when two souls meet.»
– Jessie Bélisle

Jessie Bélisle is a young self-taught contemporary artist, from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Her creation began in 2011, while she was working in Montreal, where she immersed herself daily in the culture of the visual arts.

For Jessie, there are no rules in the Art. As an intuitive artist, she holds herself only to one constraint: never fall into the Ego. The pleasure of creation must remain her main motivation.

Jessie’s main inspirations are spirituality and openness. In 2019, her adventure to the Burning Man festival definitely affected her creation. Ever since, her style can be described as more mystic or even cosmic. The year 2019 would certainly be considered a turning point in her career, allowing her to create new, more powerful works. She now attracts a wider clientele, coming from as far as the American West Coast.

Jessie has presented three solo exhibitions in the past few years, and sees her audience grow at every show. As a permanent artist at the Galerie du Vieux Saint-Jean, she is surrounded by world renowned artists from Canada and around the world. With these artists, she has been learning and exchanging knowledge for nearly 5 years.

After several years of exploration, we now recognize the artist’s signature by her vibrant and contrasting palette. Buyers have been charmed by her portraits because of their electrifying looks, also by her abstract pieces, which are classified as unique and refreshing. Her work is constantly evolving due to her ambition, but above all, because of her love for the creative process, which she uses as a tool for introspection.

Each work is a story that belongs to Us. My paintings navigate in different dimensions, and even if they seem unreal, I promise that they exist in a place where the vision is superfluous. Intuition is my favorite tool, and I like to believe that my paintings are a perfect balance between order and chaos.

The energy released by a piece, or the effect it can have on its viewer is absolutely fundamental for me. Being a reiki master, but also passionate about the power of colors, I am more than fascinated by the impact a piece will have after leaving the studio. The intention behind the creation, respecting the principles of reiki, will influence the energy that the canvas will carry. The focal points will be determined according to a sacred geometry, applied subtly, allowing the works to respect natural laws.

Some paintings have stimulating power, while others will be more soothing. Sometimes I allow myself to mix this contrast of euphoria and relaxation through abstraction; which allows us to rediscover the work every time we look at it. The observer will focus on what he/she needs at that moment.

So I work tirelessly to stay connected to my essence. I create what I believe in, here and now. I can’t wait to see what the Jessie of the future thinks of the artistic process that I offer you today, because like flowers, I bloom every spring.

Welcome to my universe, welcome to your universe.

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