Claudine Dontigny

"For years now, I have been painting. Through shapes and colors, I depict on canvas my inner quest, my emotions, and my understanding of the various facets of the universe. In essence, I write words in colors." – Claudine
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Originally from Mauricie, self-taught in drawing, Claudine Dontigny decided to further her knowledge starting in 1983 for six years; including two years in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, where she studied painting with the painter Jean McEwen; and a year in painting with the painter Serge Brunoni. In 1987 and 1988, she worked in serigraphy at the Presse Papier workshop in Trois-Rivières.

Since 1983, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions, exhibited in several galleries in Quebec since 1985, and has held eleven solo exhibitions, including nine exhibitions in collaboration with the International Festival of Poetry. She was awarded the first prize at the 15th Painting Festival of the Grand Prix d’été de Québec in 1989.

Since 1991, her work has been traded on the public market and listed in the index of Canadian Arts. She has been represented by several reputable art galleries, such as Galerie Michel-Ange in Montreal, and currently by La Marée Montante Art Gallery on Île D’Orléans and by Galerie du Vieux St-Jean in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Artist’s Statement

For me, painting is above all a necessity, a way of life. To translate the natural and let instinct look around to perceive things. To love the spectacle of a tree, a river, a stream. This grandiose nature where man feels very small. I particularly appreciate this plenitude of light and its effects with dramatic and mysterious flashes. Glow, energy where a simple and beautiful landscape is steeped, constantly linking meaning to essence.

The encounter with poets from my region has contributed to developing my creativity, with the poetic and joyful connections of Alphonse Piché, Eugène Guillevic, Dargis, and Beaulieu, allowing me to further structure my personal vision. A poem, an idea, a photo, a sketch, a drawing, a fertile source for inspiration.

In my quest for answers to my existential questions, poetry, like music, allows me to look at the dynamics of life, nature, water, birds, and stone. The poem allows me to put a diaeresis on this transience. A sanctuary where strangers speak on the poetic traces of a passage, from here, from elsewhere.

My painting is a response by adding multiple layers of paint on the canvas, and ultimately, it has taken shape in impressionism. I will conclude with a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, who tells us: “The creator must be for himself a universe. Find everything in himself and in the nature with which he has bound commerce, let quiet and serious, your growth follow its own law.”


Professional training

1997 – 1998Directed studies in cello with Sylvie Lambert, cellist of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra
1994 – 1998Certificate studies in music culture (cello) at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
1988Watercolour workshop with Maurice Domingue, watercolourist
1987 – 1988Serigraphy workshop internship at the Presse Papier workshop in Trois-Rivières
1985Directed studies in painting with the painter Serge Brunoni
1983 – 1984Bachelor’s degree studies in Fine Arts at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
1984Directed studies in painting with the painter Jean McEwen
1976 – 1983Drawing studies (self-taught)
1972 – 1975College diploma in Nursing Technique from Collège Sainte-Foy

Gallery – Representation

2024 – PresentGalerie du Vieux St-Jean, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Canada)
2008 – PresentGalerie d’Art La Marée Montante, Île d’Orléans (Canada)
2012 – 2016Galerie C2 de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
1998Galerie Arts et Passions de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
1994, 2010 – 2014Galerie Michel-Ange Montréal (Canada)
1999 – 2003Galerie D’Art Beauchamp de Québec (Canada)
1992 – 1993Galerie Zanettin de Québec (Canada)
1989 – 1992Galerie d’Art l’Heureux de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
1989 – 1990Galerie d’Art Nicolas de Montréal (Canada)
1988 – 1989Galerie La Turlutaine de Saint-Angèle-de-Laval (Canada)
1987 – 2010Galerie Saint-Antoine de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
1985 – 1992Galerie Gaby Lamothe de Grand-Mère (Canada)

Public collections (Quebec)

2014Pierre Boucher Museum Collection, “Window of Eternity” 1993-1999
2014Pierre Boucher Museum Collection, “Angelico Blues” 2010
2010City of Trois-Rivières Collection, “Glow in the Harbor” 2008
1990Loto-Québec Society, “Therrien Lake Dump” 1989
1987Quebec National Library, serigraphy by Atelier Presse-Papier

Solo exhibitions (Canada)

1996Solo Exhibition, Pavillon Michel-Sarrazin at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Rodolphe-Mathieu room
1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2014, 20199 Participations in the International Poetry Festival in various cultural centers with poets Alphonse Piché, Eugène Guillevic, Daniel Dargis, and Germaine Beaulieu, the last exhibition being held at the Pierre Boucher Museum in Trois-Rivières.
1985Solo Exhibition, Galerie Gaby Lamothe de Grand-Mère

Group exhibitions

2019Solo Exhibition, Galerie Gaby Lamothe de Grand-Mère
201849th CAPS International Exhibition in Poland, Galeria Miejskiego Domu Kultury (Poland)
2018Signatures, IAF Members, Musée l’Odyssée des bâtisseurs, Alma, Lac St-Jean
2016Visa art, Body-to-body, Part 2, Centre de la culture, Magog
2012Maison de la culture de Trois-Rivières, City of Trois-Rivières Collection
2011PEGHB Eco Salon, Production l’Envol du Grand Héron Bleu
2010Mayor’s Salon of Trois-Rivières for the year
2010“Repérage II” event, City of Trois-Rivières Collection
1991“Spring Salon” at the Empire auction house in Montreal
1990Expo-auction for the Arthritis Society of region 04 in Trois-Rivières
1989 – 1991Loto-Québec Expo-sale, Cultural Center of Trois-Rivières
19895th International Poetry Exhibition, Galerie d’Art l’Heureux de Trois-Rivières
198810th Anniversary of the Presse Papier workshop at the Parc Art Gallery in Trois-Rivières
1988Galerie La Turlutaine in Sainte-Angèle-de-Laval
1987Presse Papier Diffusion Center in Trois-Rivières
1984Arthabaska Museum in Arthabaska
1983Nérée-Beauchemin Pavilion at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Jury-selected group exhibitions

1989Irénée Lemieux Prize at the St-Malo Credit Union in Quebec
198915th Quebec Summer Grand Prix Festival
198814th Quebec Summer Grand Prix Festival
1987First National Biennial of Painting in St-Eustache

Achievements and projects

2006, 2009 and 2014Creation of a DVD summarizing the exhibitions of 2006, 2009, and 2014, in collaboration with photographer Gilles Roux
1996 – 1999Personal research in painting, multidisciplinary project combining music, text, and painting
1994Launch of two posters at the New York Art Expo
1991Trading value on the public market and listing in the index of Canadian Arts at the Hôtel des Encans in Montreal
1988Design and serigraphic printing of the Certificate of Excellence for Polyvalente De-La-Salle in Trois-Rivières

Awards and distinctions

2018Honorary Medal at the 49th CAPS International Exhibition, Poland, Galeria Miejskiego Domu Kultury (Maison de la culture), Mikolow, 2018
1989“Summer First Prize” at the 15th Quebec Summer Grand Prix Festival
1988“Summer Second Prize” at the Quebec Summer Grand Prix

Professional memberships

2018 –Member of CAPSQ, Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec Artists
2018Signatory Member of the Institute of Figurative Arts – IAF
2013 –Member of Culture Mauricie
1992 – 1993Active Member of the Quebec Painting Council
1987 – 1988 Active Member of the Presse Papier workshop in Trois-Rivières
1986 – 1987Member of APCAQ, Associated Painters and Creators of Quebec Artists

Press reviews (non-exhaustive)

  • Biennial Directory of Canadian Artists in Galleries, MAGAZIN’ART, editions 2015-2016; 2011-2013; 2004-2005; 2002-2003; 2000-2001
  • Promotional brochure Circuit en art 2014-15, with a painting represented on the cover page, 2014
  • Promotional brochure for the 28th colloquium of the Quebec Association of Mental Health Nurses, sent to all hospitals, universities, colleges, correctional services in Canada, and several partners, 2011
  • Art Quebec Calendar 2011 by Utilis, Quebecor Media, 2011
  • Art Agenda, Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, 2010
  • Article, Mayor’s Salon, Le Nouvelliste Daily, 2010
  • Article about Repérage II event, Le Nouvelliste Daily, 2010
  • Article, L’Hebdo de la Mauricie, 1992
  • Publication of articles, Le Nouvelliste Daily, Trois-Rivières, 1992, 1989, 1985 Interview
  • Interview with Louise Hamel, Radio-Canada, radio 96.5, 2006
  • Exhibition of two posters in the set of the Virginie show, Radio-Canada television, 2002-2003
  • Interview, CKTR – CKTM, television, 1985

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