David Escarabajal

David combines bold colourism with an architect’s eye for detail; he can immerse the viewer in a scene while also evoking energy, emotion, and atmosphere through colour, mixed media and layering.
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David was born in Alcoy, Alicante in 1974. He first studied Interior Design and then graduated in Fine Arts from the Alcoy School of Fine Arts. He began promoting his work as an artist in 1995, beginning in Spain before finding success further afield.

Since then, David has received many awards and accolades – for art and interior design competitions. His work is included in many private collections.

Artist’s Statement

Known internationally for his incredible cityscape artworks, David Escarabajal has painted city scenes from all over Europe, Asia and America, finding inspiration in each city that he explores.

He combines the principles of classic impressionism with a contemporary appreciation of abstraction and a bold, vibrant palette. Trained in interior design as well as art, David has a keen eye for the architectural spaces he captures in his cityscapes — often allowing him to suggest shapes with colour and form rather than recreating them precisely. His innate sense of perspective means that he can capture the lines and shapes of a city while also incorporating abstraction elements and complex layering to the scenes.

David uses a variety of media when creating his layered cityscapes. His energetic, expressive brushwork has been described as “drawing with paint” and brings David’s imagination to the forefront of each artwork, threading mood and tone through the city views in a perfect alignment of colour.

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