PAMCOMEAU (Pamela Comeau)

"I want to create art that is interesting both visually and intellectually. Using random shapes, spaces and components, I create paintings that convey my thoughts on the social or psychological behaviours of human beings. I want my art to be considered profound but playful, because that’s how I feel when I create." – Pamela Comeau
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Pamela’s path towards the life of an artist began early as a student at Dawson College in Montreal where she studied a few art classes. Her studies at Concordia University in drawing with Joseph Di Leo, and later at Saidye Bronfman Art Center in painting under Irena Korosec, put her on that path when her teachers recognized her artistic skills and encouraged her in that direction. Most of Pamela’s talent as an artist was self-taught. As a working single mom, Pamela worked as a jewelry maker as well as a mural painter, among other positions, that firmly put her in the world of art, while exploring and honing her artistic skills as a hobby. When her son took his own path in Life, Pamela turned her attention to her art and emerged as a greatly talented painter.

Pamela was a featured artist in many shows and exhibits in Ontario as well as in Manhattan, New York. She received multiple awards and recognitions for her work during these events and was a featured artist in Professional Artist Magazine in 2018.

Pamela found, in her art, a way to release some painful events in her life that became a self-soothing process that is very dear to her. She could exteriorize her thoughts on canvas and it became a sort of visual and healing diary. Today, she uses her art to explore ideas and ask questions about human nature. In her own words, she “aims to make something that feels hopeful.”

«What impressed us most about her submissions is the high level of mastery of her medium and her healing messages. All of her entries could have easily won the special award as they met several important criteria – extraordinary skill, a unique vision, and a profound impact on the viewers.»

– Rene Philips, Director of Manhattan Arts International.

Artist’s statement

While being a single and working mother, I always kept working towards improving my skills as an artist. My art started as a hobby, but soon became much more to me. Wanting to make it a career, I studied drawing at Concordia, under Joseph Di Leo and painting at Saidye Bronfman Art Center under Irena Korosec to perfect my skills. Now that my son is grown up and making his own path in life, my drive as an artist has crystallized.

I am fascinated by the possible duality of life being both tremendously precious and also trivial. I aim to create art that has the same complexity of beauty with a slight reflection of humor, or darkness. I do this by painting with tender attention to detail, but by keeping the allegorical component of my art light-hearted.

Rarely inspired by things I see, my paintings start with an image in my head. I then look around for props or models from which I take photos for reference. Once the painting has begun, I start to think about different titles, and when the right title hits, I suddenly know what the painting is about.

In the series of hands, I use a very available body part to depict some of the stages one can go through during love. Body language is honest, and our bodies are often quicker than our minds to express what the real situation is. In these paintings, the hands are laying clues.

In the series of fish: “A fish out of water”, “life in a fishbowl”, I think about these two common expressions, and find it interesting that we use fish to explain a human experience. Each painting has a fish that is, or fish that are, oddly placed. I wish to ask, “Are they out of water? Are they on display? What is it about their experience that we can relate to?”



2014Glazing techniques – private classes with Irena Korosec
2003 to 2004Painting classes at Saide Bronfman Centre
1988 to 1989Painting and drawing classes at Concordia University

Awards and Recognitions

2020Federation of Canadian Artists Painting on the Edge Competition, Honourable mention
2018Professional Artist Magazine, Feb/March edition, featured in an article on meditation and creativity
2017Winner of the Art Kudos Award of Distinction
2015Winner of the Dynasty Brush Company Award
2015Finalist – Art Kudos – Online Competition
2015Manhattan Arts International – Featured Artist

Group Exhibitions

2016Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015Yes Montreal Art Expo, Montreal, Canada
2014Galerie Vanasse, Saint-Lambert, Canada
2013Montreal Art Centre, Montreal, Canada

Professional Experience

2019, 2021Illustrations for Groundwood books: • 2019: A Boy is Not a Bird • 2021: A boy is Not a Ghost (upcoming publication)
1990 to 1996Commercial artist, muralist, portraitist, calligraphy and stained glass

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