Exhibition OJO-MALO-NADO

Opening on August 20, 2022 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition from August 18 11:00 a.m. to August 28, 2022.

Come see our hottest exhibition to date where the works created depend on the treasures found!

Experience OJO’s enigmatic paint strokes, which convey an artistic expression corresponding to colourful city textures.  It’s confusion, it’s emotions. Instead, he bases his practice on shapes rather than semantics, thanks to compositions sometimes evoking Riopelle’s prints and other times, Basquiat’s passion.

Awaken your ecological conscience with MALO, who, confronted with the waste of materials in today’s transient industries, undertakes an artistic search that will lead to upcycling. He now strives to find objects left behind to which he gives new life in the form of functional sculptures. For him, bestowing beauty on forlorn objects is a given.

Let yourself be carried away by the desires of NADO who tells the tale of a collective past through evocative sculptures and assemblages. Urban exploration and the creation of works tracing a common history through assemblage sculpture have always been part of the artist’s process. He uses industrial scraps found in various abandoned urban places and recycles them. Especially for this exhibition, he presents his works from a new angle, by adopting a conceptual approach.

Three different, yet similar artists, united by their concern to salvage and continue our historical, industrial, artistic and cultural legacy. Bold and ingenious works that carry a message. Creativity in its purest form.

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