Hélène will demonstrate Pixelism at the gallery.


For our last event of the year, we invite you to discover Pixelism with Hélène Lafontaine.

Always seeking renewal and innovation, Hélène has embraced the digital dimensions of art by launching “Pixelism,” an avant-garde movement that reinvents the way we perceive and approach the canvas. Her works, fragmented into pieces, are energized by contrasts and colors, exploring the entire palette with both strength and delicacy.

Pixelism is the structure of movements reconstructed. Sometimes striking, sometimes subtle, the vertical and horizontal movements juxtapose and overlap. They contain the essence of the image, where the entire spectrum of the palette is utilized. Thus, under the brush, the colors, broken down by layers and decomposition, contribute to the artwork. She breathes her truth into the painting through a mosaic of lights and shadows.

The pixelated treatment allows the observer to engage with the artwork, discovering different versions of it depending on the time of day, provoking reflection and emotion.

“Biases, which are usually limiting, are a springboard for me. I am a Pixelist!”

Come discover how Hélène became a Pixelist.

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