Michel will be painting at the gallery.

Michel has gradually developed an aesthetic research oscillating between representation and abstraction, demonstrating both a mastery of academic renderings and the assertion of a spontaneous gesture. Created on canvas or wood, with graphite and acrylic paint, his current works are punctuated by black lines and constructed through multiple layers and gestural back-and-forths. They assert themselves between the processes of construction and deconstruction of images.


Following his solo exhibition at the Musée de Mont-Saint-Hilaire and recently returning from Italy where he presented his works, here are the fruits of his reflections:

“The artist is at the service of his desire. The impulse for beauty or destruction often manifests itself in various forms. I am free to express what I feel, but it is essential to fully assume this choice thereafter.

I firmly believe that the world is healed through art. My work is both a privilege and a great responsibility. Over time, I have learned to be wise in my artistic choices, although a small rebellious spirit persists within me.

My works have the power to reach and touch people. My art is sincere and honest, reflecting a truth that I hope resonates with those who contemplate it.”

Come see how he builds and deconstructs his subjects—it’s fascinating!


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