LIVE ARTIST – November 18 and 19

Gabrielle Dumont Painting Live at the Gallery!

For our <Live Artists> series, we are excited to host professional artist Gabrielle Dumont at the gallery on Saturday, November 18th, and Sunday, November 19th, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. These sessions are free and open to everyone.

We are delighted to present a unique artistic event featuring the professional artist Gabrielle Dumont, who will work live to demonstrate her remarkable encaustic technique, an ancient art form that produces works of serene and romantic beauty.

Gabrielle is a distinguished artist specializing in the encaustic technique, an artistic practice dating back thousands of years that uses melted wax as a base for creating artworks. Gabrielle Dumont draws her inspiration from nature, emotions, and the human experience, thus creating captivating pieces imbued with calm and romance.

The encaustic technique involves the mixture of heated beeswax, pigments, and other substances to create a thick and luminous painting. This technique provides the artist with a unique creative freedom, allowing for layering and the creation of fascinating textures.

Join us for this immersive artistic experience where the magic of encaustic will come to life under the expert hands of Gabrielle Dumont. Come and discover and appreciate art in its most authentic and inspiring form.

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