André Coppens

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“I heard the cicadas sing, smelled the scent of lavender. My colors, my light comfort the look and soften our lives. My naive and varied subjects delight the heart and give this tranquility which will make you forget that men have gone mad”

-André Coppens

André Coppens was born in December of 1948 at Berchem Sainte-Agathe, a small village from the region of Brussells in Belgium.  For a brief time, André studies with the goal of becoming a pediatric doctor until his father gets him out of school to enroll him into a newly created school of arts and crafts, the “Institut des arts et Métiers” in Brussells.  There, he falls in love with the history of art.  His passion of colors comes from his numerous travels throughout Europe when he was a child, travelling with his parents.  In love with the region of Provence in the south of France, he paints its many landscapes full of sunlight and bright colors.  Later in his career, André discovers Quebec and now paints its landscapes with the same fervor he does with all of his work.  If Provence is the love of his heart, Quebec is his mistress.

A versatile artist, André paints and illustrates songs from Jacques Brel, Félix Leclerc and Gilles Vigneault.  Athletic, André is also passionate about Le Tour de France, and in 2004, he is commissioned to illustrate the « Tour Gourmand de France… au Pays de Liège », where he paints scenes from the main cities of this circuit.  He also participates to many group and solo exhibitions in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Quebec.

André’s original paintings can be found in many private collections throughout Canada, Europe and the United States.  He has twice received the first prize for the festival “Rencontre des Arts”, the “Prix Stanké,” in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

André brought his great love for the Provence with him when he travelled to the province of Quebec in Canada.  He remembers with great emotion: “It really was a shot in the dark, this Quebec adventure.  And yet, it worked beyond all my expectancies; mainly thanks to Mrs. Françoise Boutin, the first to welcome me at her hotel Harris in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu: barely finished unpacking my paintings, Mrs. Boutin buys three of them on the spot and makes sure I meet with artists and gallery owners and representatives.  Thanks to the open-mindedness of Quebec’s regional artists, who aren’t jealous of their international colleagues, and did everything they could to help introduce me as a painter to the local public.  So much that, every year, I go back to Quebec with great joy, where I’m welcomed with enthusiasm and respect, on the same level as renown artists from the world of contemporary art.”

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Institut des arts et métiers, Brussels, Belgium


Honours, Prizes and Mentions (selected)

Stanké (first prize), Rencontre des Arts, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec


Galleries and Representation (selected)

Vieux-Saint-Jean Gallery, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Artistic Atelier Fargy, Beauport, Quebec


2000 to 2015       Portal Gallery, Théâtre du petit Champlain, Quebec

2007 to 2010       Bourget Gallery, Montréal, Quebec

1997                     Atelier du Flot Gallery, Racour, Belgium

1996-1997           Du Clos Saint-Georges Gallery, Aÿ-Champagne, France

1996                     Gingelom Haspengouw, Belgium

1995                     Eau de la Fontaine Museum, Genval, Belgium

1997                     Racour, Atelier du Flot Gallery, Belgium

1996-1997           Du Clos Saint-Georges Gallery, Aÿ-Champagne, France

1996                     Gingelom Haspengouw, Belgium

1995                     Eau de la Fontaine Museum, Genval, Belgium

1994                     Georges Henri, Brussels, Belgium

1993                     Vieux Sablons, Galerie du château Mottin, Hannut, Belgium


Solo Exhibitions (selected)

 2018                    Apéro 2018

   Marcel Muselet – Artistes amoureux de la nature

   Quartier 10-30, Brossard, Quebec

   Ferisier Gallery

   Le Portal Gallery, Quebec City, Quebec

   Guy Bourget Gallery, Old Montreal, Quebec

2018                     Vieux-Saint-Jean Gallery

2017                     Vieux-Saint-Jean Gallery

2017                     Art Gallery, Crupet, Belgium

2017                     Fedactio Gallery, Belgium

2017                     Art Gallery Apéro

2010                     Chasse et pêche Museum, Canada

2008                     Art’Pero Gallery, Crupet, Belgium

2008                     Space Art Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2004                     Espace Félix Leclerc, St-Pierre Îles d’Orleans, Quebec

2003                     Simenon, Liège, Belgium

2002 to 2007       Espace bonhomme, Liège, Belgium

2002                     Jacques Brel – Le Portal Art Gallery, Quebec City, Quebec

2000                     Eau de la Fontaine Museum, Genval, Belgium

1994                     CERA Bank, Brussels, Belgium

1993                     Les Vieux Sablons, Brussels, Belgium


International Exhibitions (selected)

2018                     2 arts en lumière – Hamsi Boubeker, Brussels, Belgium

2015                     Senior Art – 55 and more Exhibition, Cloître de l’Abbaye de la Cambre, Brussels, Belgium

2017                     15 Artists Collaboration –– Group Painting 30m X 6m, Freedom of Expression, Forbach, France

2018                     Luxembourg Embassy – Horta Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2010                     Castle of Tour-de-Peiltz, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

2003 to 2016       International Artistic Festival André Coppens, Belgium

2009                     Harris Tour, Hungary

2001 to 2013       Racour Festival, Racour, Belgium

2012                     Bourlingster Castle, Bourlingster, Luxembourg

1992-1994           Racour en fête, Racour, Belgium


Castle of Tour-de-Peiltz, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Art Gallery of Mottin Castle, Hannut, Belgium

3rd Multicultural Meeting and Dialog, Amongst Belgium Artists, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Group Exhibitions (selected)

2019                     Anse St-Jean Symposium (Honorary President), Anse St-Jean, Quebec

2018                     Tadoussac Symposium, Grand Hôtel de Tadoussac, Tadoussac, Quebec

2018                     Rassemblement des arts, Brossard, Canada

2010                     Sept-Îles Symposium, Shaputuan Museum, Sept-Îles, Quebec

2003 to 2018       Le rendez-vous des artistes Saint-Léon-art, New-Brunswick, Canada

1998 to 2017       Rencontres des Arts, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

Artistic Festival of Beauport, Beauport, Québec

Various exhibitions throughout Quebec since 1998