Non linear time

Pam Comeau (Pamela) PAC1114

Original artwork. I thought alot about how quantum physics proposes that time does not actually happen in the way we experience it.
I took two men, one old one young, and to insinuate that time does not actually unfold younger to older, I placed the figures in the opposite way. Instead of younger to older, these two men go, old first – young following. Then to symbolise that every moment in the past as well as every moment in the future may exist simultaneously, I used non linear lines to divide the space both around them and through them, to show that although we think of the past and future as separate entities, in fact these divisions are just colourful illusions.

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Dimensions :
24 × 36 × .75 in (H × W × D)
Format :


Medium and support :

Oil on canvas

Orientation :


Type :


Subject :


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